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Azure Sport Travel Memory Foam Neck Pillow - Luxurious Blue Velour Washable Cover

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The Secret of Blissful Travel

Let's Face it - Travelling Can be a Pain in the Neck!

- Excellent support pillow for no more aching neck and shoulders when travelling or relaxing at home.
- Chiropractor-recommended therapeutic support
- Hi-IQ dynamic-density thermal-sensitive memory foam that molds to your natural contours for a custom fit.
- Must have on long trips or plane rides
- Snap closure to stabilize pillow for better support while napping and to attach pillow to luggage handle.
- Deluxe velour cover is pleasant to the touch, removable and washable with zip
- Just the right size and stays in place as you move around
- Helps keep your head straight when you doze off
- "Just firm enough, but soft enough so you don't get a kink.""
Arrive at Your Destination Rested and Ready for Action

Getting sleep on the flight to some fabulous destination can make or break the first couple of days of the holiday. If it's a business trip, you need to get there refreshed and getting some shut-eye is really important. That's why having the best travel pillow is indispensable. Our pillow is just the right firmness to provide the most comfortable support for your head. Our neck pillow is highly recommended for long flights, a vital necessity if you have neck issues or carry stress in your neck. A comfort for reading in bed, watching TV or movies."