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Led Lenser H7.2 + P5E

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We’ve taken one of our most popular LED headlamps and made it brighter, lighter, and easier to use. An upgraded lens for our Advanced Focus System adjusts for either long-distance viewing or close range illumination, and a revised durable tilt mechanism puts light just where you need it. Our new wheel switch allows you to easily control light intensity, and special touches like an added carabiner hook and a new ergonomic fit make the H7.2 a headlamp you’ll soon wonder how you did without.

Great workmanship and a timeless form are only just the qualities of appearance of the LED LENSER® P5E. An economical LED works on the inside, which does not only supply bright light, but also long burning life. The “E” is an abbreviation of Eco and stands for the economy of the product. The burning time is nearly seven times higher as of the LED LENSER® P5.

Length: –mm
Weight: 165g
Battery type: 4 x AAA 1.5V

Length: 100mm
Weight: 62g
Battery type: 1 x AA 1.5V