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Azure Knee Brace and Strap - Best Neoprene Patella Support For Running, Cross Fit and Walking.

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GET THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: Each pack contains 1 knee strap and 1 knee brace which offers flexibility to use the most suitable one based on the activity type. You get the benefits of both designs! INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING!

PROMOTES AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: These knee supports are tailor-made for active individuals that exercise frequently and require high quality equipment to treat and prevent injury

NON-SLIP DESIGN: Each knee strap and brace is fully adjustable and made from the highest quality materials to ensure maximum comfort and optimal fit. This will be the last knee support pack you will ever need.

PERFECT FOR MEN AND WOMEN: Each brace is fully adjustable and can adjust to any size leg.

QUALITY MATERIALS: Both the brace and strap are made from a breathable material that will support your tendon and patella and significantly ease any pain during exercise. The high quality of our knee supports and knee braces are the result of several years of research and innovation.

Each pack consists of 1 knee brace and 1 knee support. They are made up of a high quality neoprene design and are fully adjustable. Perfect for the active individual who wants the best of both worlds, knee strap and knee brace.