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Led Lenser P5.2 Torch - Gift

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A small, slimline LED hand torch which delivers outstanding performance and superb technology, this LED9405 generates 140 lumens of bright white light that can blast out up to 120 metres thanks to its quality energy efficient CREE LED. An exceptional performance from a torch weighing just 79g with a single AA battery.
This is a torch that feels as good as it looks, including a durable aircraft-grade aluminium body, matt black easy-grip finish that is also more abrasion resistant. It also has a distinctive contrasting red trim and one-hand sliding Speed Focus.
The superior gold-plated battery contacts resist corrosion and keeps the battery running well, whilst the torch itself is IPX54 rated for dust and water ingression.
The light output is of a superior standard to most rivals because of the patented Advanced Focus System. This embraces a specially-calibrated reflector lens to establish a more homogenous illuminated field of view and better overall light distribution whether set for a near distance flood beam or intense spot beam for longer distance illumination.
At 113mm in length the P5.2 is so small that it will fit into a pocket or bag with ease, making this an ideal item for night work, walking and camping trips.

Size : 113 x 26mm
Power : 140 lumens
Run Time : up to 5 hours
Beam Distance : up to 120m
Weight : 79 grams