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Led Lenser H14.2 Headlamp

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Product Features :

Energy efficient cree power+ led light chip
Ergonomic comfort design
Advanced focus system optics
Smart light technology(slt)
Multi-function Dynamic 'wheel' switch

Product Description :

The LED Lenser H14.2 is a 3-in-1 heavy-duty LED head lamp crammed with technological wizardry for the serious or professional user. The impressive technical specification starts with a single CREE Power+ LED light chip. Using patented Advanced Focus System technology this stunning head lamp can beam flawless light wide and far, right up to 260 metres.The lamp head has a easy-to-find focusing switch and the whole head section tilts down to 90 degrees for directional lighting if required.In any event the H14.2 is fitted with its own indicator light to tell you when the batteries need changing. With economy in mind there is also a useful Transport Lock to stop the light being switched on by mistake. The lamp has been designed with an integrated attachment system which enables it to be adapted into a small free-standing spot light.Features:A 3-in-1 heavy-duty LED head lamp. Energy efficient CREE Power+ LED Light Chip. Multi-function Dynamic'wheel'switch. Directional light: Lamp head pivots within 90 degree angle. Areas exposed to strain toughened and more flexible. Light blinks 3 times every 15 seconds to indicate low battery. Transport lock. Prevents the light from being switched on by accident and draining battery. Recalibrated lens for wider light beam angle. Water and dust resistant to IPX54.

Technical Information:Power: 350 lumens max. Run Time: up to 60 hours. Beam Distance: up to 260m. Weight: 340 gramsSupplied with: Belt Hook and Duracell Batteries (4xAA).Incredibly compact, LED Lenser lights provide up to 900 hours of light from one set of batteries and up to 100,000 hours of light from the LED light chip.